Jay Z’s newly purchased streaming service Tidal re-launching today http://www.thefourohfive.com/news/article/jay-z-s-newly-purchased-streaming-service-tidal-re-launching-today-142 via @the405


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102.3 KJLH Radio*******AIRED******Beyonce**********Gospel Music****i LoVeD It:)

Wow! I always enjoy listening to 102.3 FM KJLH radio 24/7! Sunday is always great also.  This is one of my favorite Beyonce Gospel music.  I don’t care:) Music is music and Beyonce has talent.  What would Jesus do? He would welcome Beyonce music anytime. She is also God Angel her and her Husband JayZ. And their beautiful daughter. So I had to share this song with you because this was the first time I heard Beyonce music and will never forget how close I felt to God when wBeyonce sang! lol Yes! SANG! Thz. Song:). Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by!  Stay Blessed:) Beyonce singing Gospel music


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Xtra! Xtra! Are you lost? Not Fitting in W/Clicks Well Great NEWS:)

I didn’t fit in those groups also:) And its ok!  

That great news just tells you how special and talented that you are and 100% of the time people feel threaten by your talent.  

So put your seat belt back on that you took off and just gave up on life.  You don’t need them.  I have become so successful without ever belonging to a Group, Kappa, Alpha, Que., etc., etc., etc., Sorority, Click, Gang, Club.  There are times when people have gone out their way to avoid any association with me.  It has cost me jobs and many opportunities but I kept on stepping and forgave them.  I let God guid me and so far it has been working great.  

Always believe in yourself and use all your talents that God has Blessed you with to go from point A+B= S. Success 

Thanks 4 Stopping by:) See you in the Asset line and not the Liability line. Get 2 Kracken! Lol 


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XTRA! XTRA! Security officer VS Mascot In DANCE Off @ Sports Game!  Who you think Won? 

Wow! Where is this guy! He should be a professional DANCER!




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Xtra! Xtra! “What happens to Victoria’s Secret underwear after you return it” !!!!!!!!!!!SAY WHAT? !!!!!!!! Who wears Them? 

I don’t and hear is why? 

What happens to Victoria’s Secret underwear after you return it

Read more:  http://www.businessinsider.com/victorias-secret-underwear-return-policy-shredding-2015-3#ixzz3VbtZR4cr

That is why I can never shop @ a place that can allow underwear to be returned.  Just in case an employee forgets and gets distracted and that pair of underwear ends up on me:( horrible thought:( I know.  I know what size underwear I wear and don’t have to try them on. With all these skin diseases and over 65 sexually transmitted diseases going around I chose not 2 try on or purchase underwear from Victoria Secret.  I know they have some of the best Looking and wearable BRAs and Panties. I will only show and make that purchase if they display the underwear or Bra on a manican and then provide me with a sealed plastic see through baggy of the underwear for us women that don’t want the underwear that we know women have tried n and come from all over the Workd sharing and spreading Lrd forbid their Diseases or skin disease.  I Don’t wear underwear with my dresses anyway because. Have yet to fine those panties that can fit a sistas big backside lke mine without feeling soficated.  All they have to do is use Nicky M. Or Beynce as a live Model and design and cut the fabric then they will have not only a great fit which I have always have gotten when they didn’t allow trying on panties and returning them back in the day by a great fit and feel to my body all day long in those panties.  I have had so many panties get lost between my backside buns and get lost and feel so uncomfortable.  So I don’t wear underwear with my dresses.  But I will wear a panty shield with my pants if I have to and change them after each bathroom use.  I always come up healthy when it comes to my VJay Jay:). Well thanks for stopping by for Tea wth me:). See you again soon.  DJ Smooth:)

Black Fashion Victoria Secret Models  http://youtu.be/Oh6ROu6eC-8


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Xtra! Xtra! # 1 Single 4 March 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Truffle Butter (Clean Version) Nicki Minaj Feat. Drake Lil Wayne My # 1 pick Single 4 March,2015 http://youtu.be/5IaKJD3VFCE

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What is St Patrick Day?


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