Football player shook his hand?  Why?  Because this kid sang the ? Out of! What?

Wow! I stood up when he was singing:). Talent!

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“You Know we do what we do because we love people” by ?

“You know we do what we do because we love people” “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. By BeBe and CeCe Winans


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Did you cry to?        “What’s Going On”? 

I did.  I was overwhelmed with pain and couldn’t stop crying seeing the police pinned his head to the ground even tho he was screaming out he can’t breath.  Why? 

I ask myself why so many young African American Black men loose their life because of the color of their skin.  You know I was watching a video once on two African American Black young men were being pulled over and then rolled their window up showing the police when they were driving by that they were this elderly white couple.  It is so sad because there is no difference between man we all are born and we all die.  We all have the same organs in our body and bleed the same color blood.  I scream out and say it is not their fault they were born African American Black young men and women.  God choose what color we would be.  Why hurt my Brothers! Sisters! Why kill any culture that is not yours.  What mentally state of mind are you in to take another life just like that.  As I write this there is somewhere some man or woman being shot or killed just because the color of their skin.  Not all cops are like that.  I have met some really nice police officers of all colors that I would invite to my dinner table anytime.  Each State need to develop a new program to get some police officers some help in using their power and authority to take someone life Just Like That!  As you look at this picture and video please try to understand where I am coming from.  Some cops are making it bad for other nice cops that are not like that.  You have a son, father or brother that will fall victim one day to the police hands.  I have to go and pray hard that we find a way to communicate with the police that it is breaking our hearts to learn one of our brothers or sisters can loose their life simply by the color of their skin.  Thanks for stopping by.  God Bless!

“What’s Going On”


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“Empire” TV shows’s  Second Season Cancelled By Fox” Why?

Wow!  Wish I could have been the fly on that wall.  It looks like some important decisions plus legal questions have to be answered before we can see another episode of Empire.  

Why? why? why?

“Empire” TV Show’s Second Season Cancelled By Fox |


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My niece rest in PEACE! 

As my little niece goes home to Heaven I lift my hands to Jesus today to thank him for allowing this PRECIOUS touch my life and gave me great pleasure to be in her presence.  As I once looked for her in the back seat I couldn’t help but check on her and little Robert to make sure God Angels were okay.  Now that God and the Angels have come for her I am SAD and have a empty space in my heart that can never be filled with all the thoughts of her me and her beautiful mom would share.  I love God our Lord Jesus Christ today for taking her home.  But bets believe this.  Precious and I will Cross paths in Heaven one day so God I ask you to please let her know and tell her I said hello.  My mom is with her and her Great Grandmother so God Bless your little Soul baby girl and when it rains up a storm that will be my extra tears that I shed for you each and every day.  Precious I will always take care your mm and call her everyday and your brother little Robert. Bets believe that my little Precious that I loved so much.  Love your Aunt.

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Vacation in Europe! 

Wow!  On the beach!  

Wow! My daughter in Europe with Ray her fiancée:)

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RIP Precious!!!! Gone 2 Soon


RIP Precious!!!! Gone 2 Soon via @Djsmooth14

Originally posted on djsmooth14:

RIP Precious my beautiful Niece. Mz you. If only your virus could have been picked up sooner. Gone 2 soon. You with the Lord now. I dedicate this video to you.

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