ImageSo many lives are at risk because of this shut down. They just don’t get it. They are so use to having their way that they rather shut down instead of helping the American people get the insurance they need to save a life. Now when election time comes back around again. mmmm Republicans  will loose all the way because they are only in it to win it for themselves and who cares about anyone else. They were like that in kindergarten so they never changed or grew up they are still out on recess. Come in already boys its time to grow up and you just might save some lives along the way. Dj Smooth


About djsmooth14

I am a writer and talented Dj. I enjoy writing poetry and screen plays. I am an Actress in movies and television shows. My latest movie that I am so proud to be in is the Whitney Houston movie. :) I also do voice-over work in which I do at 88.5 FM KSBR Jazz and now I am so excited to also have my Real Estate Broker License. :)
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