Erica Campbell Music Artist Mary Mary

Erica Campbell Music Artist Mary Mary

Showing to much of her Asset!!!!!!!

I believe her showing her assets is what got the media in a stir. I also have a body like hers and I enjoy singing gospel also and attending church on a regular basis. So what the album cover is displaying is look at me. And what she should be saying listen to the music that I am doing and in hopes 2 win over some christians to God. so when I go to church I want respect from my pastors and men that attend church so, even tho I am a 36 c cup and have a dime body I will not wear any tight fitting clothing to see my asset when I turn around because I don’t want you looking at my hips or behind to throw off your concentration of what we are all hear for. It is like a man of God that is nicely built and not showing the beautiful hair on his chest of the nicely cut built arms which can be a turn on for some the same with her in her white dress. So if she had wore white and wore something that wan’nt form fitting then it will allow the men to concentrate on the music and not on her body. Some men find it to be a come on and some don’t so we have some weak men and some strong men but the ones that are weak and trying to get to heaven this doesn’t help because it just displays more sexual advertising then Godly. When I wore form fitting clothing to church then, men seem to have a wondering eye of me from head to toe. And when I turn around and walked away I could feel the stare on my Asset so, I now wear clothing that doesn’t draw attention like that because when I sing Gods music I want them to vision my Godly voice and not the vision of my body in what I would look like with no clothes on. So yes this is something that she needs to pray over and if she has a great voice and can sing Gods music to win souls over that is great but never allow your body to draw attention to you in which Gods Angels can only think of you as a sex object. So I Just hope and pray for her because this is not what I would do because I know of what happen in the past when I dressed like that so, I always want the respect I get from the pastors and I am not trying to be a sex object in church when it is about staring at God and not at me. Just SayN. Better ask sumbody. The men will tell you because they are the ones that deal with this on a daily basis and that is why some can’t concentrate on God because they have sex on their minds and when they try to escape it then there it goes right in their face. Now if she wants to dress for her husband behind clothes doors to turn him on then, fine. But to try to dress like that for other men to see is not good. Because it is not good for a man to look at another woman in not a Godly way but it is her fault because she put that on display so, God blames her to. And sometimes women dress like that because they are not getting that attention they need to make them feel whole so, now my ?’s is. Is she a luke warm christian. So I will not listen to her music anymore because whatever she sings I will not want to go near it because she is dressing not appropriate for the role as a Gospel singer. I also work with a great deal of men and I cover up because I have to do bz with them and I don’t want them staring at my azz or breast. That is only for my husband eyes if I had one. : ) Dj Smooth : )


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I am a writer and talented Dj. I enjoy writing poetry and screen plays. I am an Actress in movies and television shows. My latest movie that I am so proud to be in is the Whitney Houston movie. :) I also do voice-over work in which I do at 88.5 FM KSBR Jazz and now I am so excited to also have my Real Estate Broker License. :)
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