Singer Ray J Arrested at Beverly Hills Hotel http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Ray-J-Arrested-at-Beverly-Hills-Hotel-261346231.html via @NBCLA

POLICE!!!!! Stopped me in LBC and they rolled up on me so fast both cars blocking me in so fast as I got out the car and was going to my trunk to get my bags. As my son was walking. I told my son to STOP!!!!! Don’t place your hands in your pocket or reach for anything and do as the officer tells you to walk to this side slowly. So my son was in shock even tho he is 20 years old. Still a baby @ heart so, I said hello officer John and Officer John what can I do for you. “They said is this your car” When did it become your car and I told them. They went around the front and reported some errors on my vehicle and looked at me and say this car was stolen. I told them yes it was because I reported it. But it was later returned to the front of my residence. I told them a key was found in my car stuck in my ignition that wouldn’t come out. The person used another key to get in my car and it became stuck. So I said that was scary someone can just take my car by using another key. And the officer said my car is very popular on the list of most stolen cars. So I then introduced myself and told them I just moved up to LBC over a year ago and I enjoy living here. My tone was everything to me and how I talked to the officers. I didn’t appear to be scared because they are human like me even tho they had their hands on their revolver to shoot at any
given moment if I attempted to attack them. My eyes looked into their eyes so, they can see if I am lying or not. So
even tho they could have given me a ticket for one thing that was wrong with my car they didn’t. They said that it was nice to meet you and have a great day. I told the officers to have a great day also and be safe. So please if you are stopped by a police officer then please pray first and ask God to send you an Angel. Look them in their eye because if you lie then, they are trained and can tell. I learned that when I was once a Licensed Security Officer so, I worked with the police before. And also please watch your tone of your voice when talking to them. If you show the officers empathy they will show you sympathy. And plz. plz. plz. don’t ever spit on them. I wouldn’t want anyone spitting on me. Do unto others as you do unto yourself. R u crzy. My sister was a Chicago PD and she was an Angel and to spit on her would be a crime because she has to much love in her heart to hurt others for no reason unless you gave her a reason. So I know!!! I KNOW! That there are some officers that became an officer maybe but I think becuz they want 2 sometimes inflict pain on others as they have had pain inflicted on themselves or maybe a little not caring so, you do not want 2 become their next victim. Pray first. Answer all questions and if you can smile. U never know what a smile or caring attitude will get you. God has Angels also that work for the Police Department so, not all of them are out to get you unless you give them a reason to. So Mr. ? that spit on that Police Officer is not going to come out the way he went in with his life in order and things going great. If that was my sister he spit on. mmmmmm throw the book bcuz he has no respect for hight authority and I am surprise. I teach my sons to respect authority at all time and your elders or else they will be calling the whole PD to scrape me off of u. So please please my brothas and sisters just go for the ride. I have gotten tickets before and didn’t deserve them but I paid it and placed them in Gods hands because their arms are to short to box with God. So even if man gets away with something they have done wrong to you. mmmmm God still have to come through there and punish them. Maybe life problems or the Angel of Death it depends on what Angel god send 2 u to take care the person that wrong one of Gods Angels. So stay blessed my FB friends. U been warn. Look how much u got 2 loose by spitting on an officer that can place u in a cell where u are being spit on all day and beating up or loose your paperwork or process it when they get ready. When u go above the law the law will come down on you and my heart cries out for my brothers and sisters that are in jail as I write this when they didn’t need 2 go their. Don’t go there. Please don’t. ****Dj Smooth

Singer Ray J Arrested at Beverly Hills Hotel http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Ray-J-Arrested-at-Beverly-Hills-Hotel-261346231.html via @NBCLA


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I am a writer and talented Dj. I enjoy writing poetry and screen plays. I am an Actress in movies and television shows. My latest movie that I am so proud to be in is the Whitney Houston movie. :) I also do voice-over work in which I do at 88.5 FM KSBR Jazz and now I am so excited to also have my Real Estate Broker License. :)
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