Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U WANT 2 LOOSE 1 POUND A DAY? I DO : )

Wow! I am going to start this 21 days. Wow! Very nice. : )

Free Stuff: Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox

Thanks 2 Wendy Williams Show! Her guest Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox!!!! I will be able to loose 1 pound a day.

The Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox
Tuesday June 3rd, 2014

Summer Slim Down.

It’s bathing suit season and we all want to drop those extra pounds and get healthy.

Dr. Roni DeLuz, author of “1 Pound a Day: The Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox” shows us how we can get swimsuit ready in just a matter of days.

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Diet Detox 4-1-1: The detox is designed to cleanse and to heal. Through this 21 day detox, your body will release toxins that have been stored in your organs and fat cells into your bloodstream. On the detox, you will be consuming the equivalent of at least 22 servings of fruits and vegetables in the form of soups, fresh juices and supplements. The large quantity of vegetables that you will be consuming contains nutrients that cleanse your cells.

Can Anyone Do This Detox? Any time you start a new diet or a detox program, you must consult your doctor. You can only do this detox for 21 days and no more than 4 times a year.

Diet Detox: By the Hour
8AM: One Ounce of “Berry Drink”
This is a product sold by Dr. Roni, but you can make this drink on your own. It consists of 3 lbs of berries (strawberries, blueberries, cherries) that are juiced and made into a concentrate. The purpose of having this “berry drink” is to fill the body with antioxidants. Antioxidants heal inflammation and toxic damage. They reduce joint pain and decrease fluid retention.

10AM: “Green Drink” Mixed with 8 Ounces of Distilled Water
This is a product sold by Dr. Roni, but you can make this drink on your own. This drink is the equivalent of eating 8-10 servings of green vegetables. This drink contains broccoli, greens, kale, spirulina, nutrient-rich algae and blue-green algae, as well as wheatgrass. These greens are harvested at their peak and then dried and converted to powders. Green drinks reduce acidity and lower the risk of certain cancers, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. The drink will reduce your appetite, stimulate the loss of body fat, boost your metabolism, and protect your memory.

12PM (NOON): “Live” Juice
This is a juice you can make on your own with different veggies. The greener the better. Don’t use fruits because even though the sugar will make the drink sweet, you’ll end up crashing as the end of the day because your insulin level will be too high.

2PM: “Green Drink” Mixed with 8 Ounces of Distilled Water

4PM: Store Bought Vegetable Drink
Something similar to a “V-8” can work for this

6PM: Soup
When you start your detox, you should prepare a giant pot of vegetable stock (boil vegetables in water and then remove the veggies to create a broth). Take boiled veggies and puree them in a mixer. Heat up the veggies and combine with the vegetable broth to create your soup. You can add spices to the soup to give it extra flavor.

8PM: 8 Ounces of Distilled Water OR 8 Ounces of Vegetable Broth
You can drink water, tea and vegetable broth interchangeably anytime you want during the day. The more you drink, the easier it will be for you to lose weight.

Bedtime: Aloe Vera with 4 Ounces of Distilled Water
You will take aloe vera as a nutritional supplement while on the detox. Aloe provides anti-aging antioxidants, helps restore PH balance, repairs cellular health, acts as a mild laxative and improves colon heath.


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