Canada Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto apology 4 smoking crack cocoain. “I am my worst enemy” I 4give you Mr. Ford!!!!!!!!!!!! DRUGS ARE TAKING OVER USA!!!!!! SAY NO 2 DRUGS!!! U HEARD!!!!

Wow!!!!! Can’t help but give the man credit for stepping forward. We all make mistakes in life but to own up to our own unprofessional and unethical behavior is a great thing. The world is filled with Drug addition that just doesn’t hit home. But now that we know that Drugs are sitting on our doorstep and waiting 2 come inside is very scary for most of us. Some people are just vunerable and sometimes will try to fit in and get caught up with a habit that is very hard and sometimes takes our lives. Seeking help is the start. We must learn from this and learn to always say no. It doesn’t matter who we are and what office we hold their is no man or woman out their that has never made a mistake which almost cost them their job. We might not never know of it but Ladies and Gentleman we have a problem. Drugs are the problem in so many lives that destroy so many families. It never made it to the top but now. Wow! A whole different story. Everyone has had a family member that has possible had a habit when it came to drugs and it has torn families up and it is very scary. So us all coming together and trying to encourage and help Mr. Ford would be great because maybe we can help some other person that might have this problem to come forward and get help. We are not above not falling into something like this. So I dare not snub my nose up and say that I am better them him. It could have happen to me and I thank God that I don’t use drugs. Lord knows their were many of times that it was around us all but we were blessed not to go through that door. Some people will never be able to come back through that door. Thousands of people as I write this is probably having a drug overdose right now. We think that it is just in the poor communities but it is not. Drug has no direction on what door step it is going to land on. So we can actually take Mr. Ford condition and use this to come up with programs at work to address other employees on certain drugs that we need to not ever take and stay away from. DARE program is introduced to I believe 6th graders and my son once spoke that he would never take drugs because he enjoys sports and wants to have all the energy he can to go to the NBA and my son just graduated community college and is 6″6 and doesn’t take any drugs. In fact none of my 4 kids does. 3 graduated from college and one left to go. It is probable because we didn’t do drugs as parents and never had them around drugs as they grew up but what about the kids that do grow up around drug addicted parents or other children at home or in school that thinks drugs is the solution to the problem. That is a very scary moment in your life when a family member is on drugs and you can’t get to them. My hat goes off to Mr. Ford and hope that he is able to continue with his struggle to stay off drugs. I have heard other drug addicts say that they pray for death because drugs has taken over their mind, body and soul. So instead of talking about someone we should learn from this and try to find help for everyone. It is bound to happen again. It is happening right now as I write this. Someone is introducing some young kid or adult to drugs for the first time. The reason I stayed off of drugs because I never wanted to put some money in someone else pocket that I could use to take care of myself. Why make them rich. I also didn’t want something controlling my mind, body and soul. I also never wanted to have a child that was disfigured because of some drugs I took. When I had kids I knew that they would be taken away if I did drugs. So I was strong to realize life is just to short for alcohol and drugs in my life. It I am bored I workout in the health club. If I am bored I read books that take me somewhere else. If I am bored and feeling lonely I create projects and goals for myself. I know for a fact if I do drugs I will be left in an alley by myself for man to take advantage of me and the Devil will come get my soul whenever he pleases. Life just to short to not take advantage of every blessing we receive from God. If God made me healthy and mentally and physically strong then, I am going to try very hard to maintain my health and learn to fight all that comes my way with the grace of God. When people do drugs and alcohol I feel there is something personally something buried very deep inside that that has happen to them that they want to bury deep down inside that they just can’t face reality and need to escape so, I feel that it could be a mental issue that is always weighing on the mind. One of my family members went through that before. It started with alcohol that she was given at about seven years old to ease the pain of the loss of our brother. So every time she felt pain she would take a drink. Then she was abused sexually which led to more pain and more alcohol and then that wasn’t good enough so, someone said one day why don’t you mix your drink with drugs and then it all began. She went from working a great career and having a home to loosing everything and being homeless. But now I am happy to say she is sober and drug free for about ten years. So don’t say it can’t happen to you or me or someone in our family. We need to address this problem as soon as possible. If we all did drugs and just didn’t care about life the enemy from other Countries will have made to take over the United States Of America. We have to fight this problem and fight it with all we got. The drugs don’t come from USA they are brought over here from other countries. Why not get everyone over here in the USA stoned on drugs so, we can’t have anyone able to be in a Army to protect us all. Now this is the highest of the highest that drugs are reaching. We need to grab hold of this situation because everyday a child is born to do something in this world that might have multiple talents but what good is it of having a talent if you can’t use it because you are stoned out of your mind. WAKE UP!!! United States Of America. Drugs R TAKING US OVER LITTLE BY LITTLE. SAY NO 2 DRUGS!!!!! THATS AN ORDER!!!!! U HEARD!!!!!!

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I am a writer and talented Dj. I enjoy writing poetry and screen plays. I am an Actress in movies and television shows. My latest movie that I am so proud to be in is the Whitney Houston movie. :) I also do voice-over work in which I do at 88.5 FM KSBR Jazz and now I am so excited to also have my Real Estate Broker License. :)
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