XTRA! XTRA! ESPN REPORTS!!!! “San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was fined $10,000” WHY? *****

Wow!  So sad when companies try to sell there products by STEERING others to theirs.  I don’t agree with their decision.  Pretty soon they will be telling the football players what underwear they should wear.   I think advertisement of another product should be left out of all the Football contracts.   If they want to pay each player thousands of dollars to wear their products or better yet to advertise their products.   Bring it on.   I would get an attorney to research this every time they drop a $10,000.00 FINE on them.   I enjoy listening to BEATS BY DRE because of the SOUND QUALITY is so good that your ears are so use to the sound that the ears can’t adjust to another sound.  But if they were to take the time to listen to both headphones for a month then, they would know the pain each Football player goes through when they have to switch up.  The money I spend my paycheck on is my own personal business.   So pay for advertisement just like the other companies have to do and stop trying to STEER the FOOTBALL PLAYERS to wearing a product that they are not use to using.   WoW!!!!!   Someone please get them an attorney so, they can fight this product STEERING.    ****By Dj Smooth

Cam Newton is sticking with Beats headphones. (ESPN)
Cam Newton really likes his ‘Beats by Dre’ headphones. The Panthers quarterback wore the headphones during pregame warmups in Cincinnati on Sunday even though there’s a chance it could cost him $10,000.

Cam-Newton-beats-headphones.finalfor wearing Beats headphones during his postgame press conference after San Francisco’s Week 5 win over the Chiefs.

Players are getting fined because the NFL has a partnership with Bose and the Beats headphones have been mostly banned, although players can wear them in certain situations.

According to ESPN.com, players are allowed to ‘wear headphones with competing logos off the bus, into the stadium and on the field for warmups before they get into uniform.’

On the other hand, when the ban was originally announced, the league said players couldn’t wear competing headphones anytime they might be on camera. So Newton could get fined — or he might not.

One thing is clear though: If Newton wears the headphones to the Panthers postgame press conference following their game against the Bengals, he’ll definitely be writing the NFL a check for at least $10,000.

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