XTRA! XTRA! Scared To Death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!True Story!!!! Screenwriting!!! Written by Dj Smooth

XTRA! XTRA! Screenwriting Class: I wrote this in honor of my Mom. RIP mom.
“Scared To Death”
Written by
Dj Smooth


A. Alfreda (Daughter) Hello mom I am so happy to see you. (Bend down and kiss mom on for head).

M. Mom (Eliza) Mom doesn’t say a word but grabs my hand and holds it really tight.

A. Alfreda (Daughter) Mom if only you could talk and tell me where the Bible is.

A. Alfreda (Daughter) Found it! Wow! Mom! Your Bible was hidden beneath all these clothes.

A. Alfreda (Daughter) Mom I don’t know what day God has in store for you to come home. Mom I know it is going to be a great day. So for right now I am going to read you the Bible 23 Psalm to you. Psalm23:4 “Even though I walk through the valley of shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

M. Mom (Eliza)Looks up at me and smiles and squeeze my hand.

A. Alfreda( (Daughter) Mom I see that you like that Scripture. I am going to read it to you again and again. I see that this scripture brings you great comfort.

M. Mom (Eliza)looks up at me and smiles.

A. Alfreda (Daughter)– Lays down in bed and goes to sleep.



M. Mom (Eliza)Banging on the bed with a cup. Banging went on all night.
Thanksgiving Day

A. Alfreda (Daughter) gets up and packs bags to go home. Clock said its 4:00am

A. Alfreda (Daughter) approaches mom room and goes inside.

M. Mom (Eliza) turns her head and looks at me.

A. Alfreda (Daughter) Mom I am packed and ready to go home.

M. Mom (Eliza) turns her face to the right away from looking at me.

A. Alfreda (Daughter) Walks and kiss mom on her head

Alfreda (Daughter) turns around and walks away.

M. Mom (Eliza) “God come and get me now. I am ready to go home.”

Alfreda (Daughter) – Walks out front door toward waiting car.

N. (Jeffrey (Nephew) GRABBING LUGGAGE.

N. Jeffrey (Nephew) Why are you leaving so early?

A. Alfreda (Daughter) I don’t know Jeffery. I just woke up early after mom kept me up all night banging on the bed and I had this strange felling that I needed to go because this was the day that God had decided to come and get mom. And did you know as I walked away from mom’s bed when I got to the doorway. Mom said “God come and get me now.” “I am ready to go home” Jeffrey don’t be too surprised if mom has passed on. Take me now to Midway Airport.

PLANE FLYING IN AIR – Thanksgiving morning 7:00am

A. Alfred (Daughter) – Sleeping (snoring)

D. Debra (Sister) Banging on front door.

A. Alfreda (Daughter) Stop knocking so loud I am coming. Walking downstairs
Door opens:

A. Alfreda (Daughter) Debra why are you knocking so hard? Debra are you trying to knock down my door.

D. Debra (Sister) Mom passed away this morning.

A. Alfreda (Daughter) – I know. I was there.

D. Debra (Sister) Are you going back to the funeral?

A. Alfreda (Daughter) – No. I was with mom this morning about 4:00am.

A. Alfreda (Daughter) You know all of our sisters and nieces and nephews are going to be fighting over moms personal property.

D. Debra (Sister) I know they are. Our brother George had to place a restraining order or one of our sisters. She came in to take the house back from our nephews and told them to move out.

A. Alfreda (Daughter) Wow! Really. That is crazy. Mom would be so upset if that happened. They were nice enough to take care of mom when we couldn’t up to her death.

D. Debra (Sister) So why did you go back? You were only there for a week and you flew back today on Thanksgiving day.

A. Alfreda (Daughter) I had a dream that mom was with Grandmother and Grandfather and couldn’t understand why she was sitting among the dead at the table. Then I had a dream that mom and I was going shopping for all of these clothes and we just shopped till we dropped. Ha! Ha! Ha! I

D. Debra (Sister) Oh! Yeah! That is very strange.

A. Alfreda (Daughter) Strange as it seems sis. I felt that God was giving me a sign that mom was so sick that she wasn’t going to heal. I

D. Debra (Sister) I never ever gave that a thought. I thought that mom would get better.

A. Alfreda (Daughter) That is not the feeling I got sis. I believed God sent me those dreams about the future. And I honestly believed that God choose me out of all the sisters and brothers that I would be the one to understand Gods play.

D. Debra (Sister) Sis you are talking crazy.

A Alfreda (Daughter) It might sound crazy but I didn’t know what day God had choose to take mom home but yet I made my return trip back to San Diego on Thanksgiving day. I knew Mom was dying but didn’t know the day God was going to take her from us.

D. Debra (Sister) Wow!

A. Alfreda (Daughter) When I was reading mom 23 PSALM “Yeah thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.” Mom looked at me and smiled. She appeared to be scared sis. Mom would bang on the bed all night long and we left the Television on in her room and the lights. She never wanted to go to sleep. She felt as if when she fell a sleep that she wouldn’t wake up. Mom did all that banging to keep herself awake. I wanted to take that cup from her but just couldn’t so, I didn’t get much sleep also.
D. Debra (Sister) Mom was very strong mentally and physically. Remember when mom worked double shifts as a nurse and couldn’t be home for Christmas morning but made sure we all had lots of gifts under the Christmas tree.
A. Alfreda (Daughter) Yes I remember. There were so much beautiful toys. We had so much to play with that we didn’t miss mom as much on that day. All we could think of was all those toys we had. Food Grandmother cooked and candy for days.

D. Debra (Sister) Yes those were the good days. I never got the chance to thank mom when we became adults.
A. Alfreda (Daughter) Me neither
A. Alfreda (Daughter) I just want to remember mom as the alive and exciting and funny person she was. Mom never was always at work helping the sick at the hospital and making sure we had a great life.
D. Debra( Sister) Yes that was mom.
A. Alfreda (Daughter) I never seen mom sleeping or getting rest. Mom was always on the go. I don’t think I could bare it seeing mom on her back.
D. Debra (Sister) I have to go back.
A.Alfreda (Daughter) All that fighting is going to be going on between all the sisters brothers nieces and nephews.
D. Debra (Sister) They better not put me in all that fighting. I am not having it.
A. Alfreda (Daughter) I heard that.
D. Debra (Sister) Thanks sis for being there for mom. I know it took a great deal for you to be the only one there when mom was passing.
A. Alfreda (Daughter) Yes Jeffrey was exhausted. Dawn was pregnant and tired so, for me to go back to help meant a great deal for me. It was painful but God prepared for me to be there and understand I had to help mom get home to God. That was my main focus. I didn’t care about anything else. So I felt God wanted me to go that early in the morning because God and the Angels were going to come and get mom and I had to be gone.
D. Debra (Sister) Wow! I still can’t believe how fast mom got sick and gone within 3 months.
A. Alfreda (Daughter) Yes that was fast but at least God took mom on a great day so, we can all remember her on Thanksgiving day. The beautiful mom that always gave and never wanted anything in return.
A. Alfreda (Daughter) I am sad tired and exhausted sis. I just want to remember all the great memories of mom and not see her sleeping so beautiful and can’t wake up. Sis I am happy that God chose me to help mom come home. Tell the family I love them all and that they are in my prayers. I am an Aries like mom. Us Aries tend to go it alone when the going gets tough. We have to try to work things out mentally on our own and develop a certain peace in our souls to know it was all of Gods planning. Give me a hug Debra. Bye and take care.
Fade to Black.

Dedicated to Eliza Mae Henderson RIP mom.
I also want to do a Realty show on Deaths in peoples family to cover real sickness and what is going on with Real Families in dealing with death. As you can see my family had all kinds of fights at the house which; led to restraining orders. Even at the Wake and Funeral there was fighting that went on between the nieces and nephews. We always have programs on dealing with life but never the dealing with death. People should all be informed this can happen to all of us and if we are not prepared the family is in chaos. My mom had no will or power of attorney. Fights went down. Things were stolen out of the house. Just confusion. Thanks for reading.

Written by Dj Smooth

October 11, 2014



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