DO U WANT 2 GET HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MARIJUANA? “COME ON DOWN THE PRICE IS RIGHT” OR IS IT WRONG!!!!!!!!

Is the price that you pay for getting HIGH OFF MARIJUANA.  Wrong for your health and life.  The price you pay for getting HIGH is it worth it. ?   After reading this you choose.  

I will provide you with two documentaries on Marijuana and you be the judge.   I personally think that legalizing Marijuana is not a great thing to do.   I believe there is not enough research done on this drug.   Do we really understand the effects that it can have on the mind.    I have seen many people HIGH!!!!!   I mean blown away.    It depends on each individual mind set.   It can affect each person differently.   I have seen mental issues happen before me between the individuals that have gotten HIGH!!!!  Some can function and some can’t.   I have seen out of the five people that have gotten HIGH!  FIRST PERSON!!! went to work and cut off his finger in which he had to carry the finger to the nurse office to get it reattached.    I have found the SECOND PERSON to have sex frequently without protection with many different men and have baby after baby.   I have seen THIRD PERSON!!!  want to try a stronger drug after smoking Marijuana.   FOURTH PERSON!!! I have seen after getting HIGH  they have to keep going and never stopped.  Not even to take care of the kids.   She would drop them off on someone else to watch.   FIFTH person I have seen to become very still and paranoid of everything going on around them and can’t move and do the things they want to do.  Oh!  I 4got I knew of a SIXTH PERSON Male!!!!!! They couldn’t function sexually like they wanted to.   They couldn’t get their penis hard and keep it hard.   It was an ongoing problem.   He was devastated.   I don’t know about how the female eggs you are carrying or the sperm you have in your body.  How is that effected.   I had FOUR BEAUTIFUL kids.   Two boys and two girls.   All have went off to college and graduated except the younger son.   They don’t have any children before they were married.  So I am blessed and they don’t use or do drugs.   That is probably because their mother and father never did drugs around them.   So I am not saying DON’T DO DRUGS.   I am saying after you read this Blog you make your own decision.    I choose not to do drugs and I still enjoy life.   I am happy and silly and having fun.   I don’t see any need for it.   I am very close to God which is probably one of the reasons why I have a great life.   I put my trust in God our Lord Jesus Christ and Savior.    I read my BIBLE every day from the beginning of the book to the end and I read 91 Psalm.   I also read 23 Psalm and Matthew 6.   So I don’t know what is best for anyone but I do know what works best for me and if I had a choice where I could smoke as much Marijuana as I want to and it is legal.   I wouldn’t do it.   I never want to act a certain way because a drug has changed my mood.   And when I come down from the HIGH!!! I am more confused, frustrated and sad before I got HIGH!!!!  That is why so many people I see wake up in the morning to get HIGH!!! and stay that way all day long.   I have seen people talk in their sleep about religious beliefs sometimes Devil thoughts which scared me to death and I have seen people change personalities where they are ready to kill you over a piece of food.   So you be the judge this is what I have experience throughout my life of what I have seen and witness.   Can the Devil take your mind over when you are knocked out sleepy and HIGH!!!!?   Do you want to try a stronger DRUG when you are getting HIGH because you need to be HIGHER?   Are you able to place a RUBBER on you before you have SEX when you are HIGH?  Can you be a great employee for your employer when you are HIGH?  Can you take care of a newborn baby when you are HIGH?  Are you subject to forget things when you are HIGH?   Can you drive a motor vehicle when you are stoned on Marijuana?  Does Marijuana effect each person differently mentally?   I have seen this happen among the 5 people that were getting HIGH!!! on drugs.  So stay blessed 🙂  VOTE NO!!!!  2 MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION.    By Dj Smooth  🙂  *DO YOUR HOMEWORK ON Marijuana?

Thanks National Geographic for that great Documentary on “Effects of Marijuanna

Second Documentary:   “WEED – What You DON’T KNOW”  Thanks Documentary TV for your Documentary on “WEED”


About djsmooth14

I am a writer and talented Dj. I enjoy writing poetry and screen plays. I am an Actress in movies and television shows. My latest movie that I am so proud to be in is the Whitney Houston movie. :) I also do voice-over work in which I do at 88.5 FM KSBR Jazz and now I am so excited to also have my Real Estate Broker License. :)
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