Police Officer Hugs Protester Devonte Hart wearing a sign “FREE HUGS” Wow!!!! BEST NEWS-N-A LONG TIME :)

images-2When I heard this about this officer I was touched, moved and floored.   Ha! Ha! Ha!  Best news ever.  I know that every police officer is not racist.  And just to see this proves my point.  In every walk of life in the work force there are going to be some questionable employees that wear this sign ?   Only because you just don’t know the mental side of that officer that just got hired to protect you and me.  Or maybe the other way around to harm you and me.   I feel that the Police Department throughout the United States Of America should look into each officer mental side.  How was he as a student in school.   Was he a bully or was he bullied and by whom.   Does he hold any hard feelings toward other cultures.  I feel if this is done we are less to have some officer killing our kids.  Not convicting the other officer of Ferguson because I was not there.   God never makes a mistake.   If the evidence that was presented was otherwise then, the case was handled appropriately.  ONE THING 4 SHO.  If for any reason a person kills another person and thinks they will get away with it then, not so fast.    God could never look at that person the same way again.  Not with blessings.  So Jury is still out on that case.  But my main concern is the violence from the decision that is around the country which is not powerful enough to get something done.   We need to get a petition together and asking each Police Department to do psychological evaluations on each officer within the task force.   This will allow us to feel a little at ease if the department knows the mental side of each officer and it should be done each year.  Because people mentally change after taking a job and going through what some police officers have to endure each day on their job.   Who knows maybe they are stressed out or have mental concerns that we don’t know about that makes them scared and trigger happy or trigger sad.  They are just walking on a thin line.   And if that officer is found to have a mental unbalance then, they should have treatment and not allowed to work in the field until the doctor has given them an approval to return to work.   I not saying that it should become public knowledge but that they should be tested once a year for this.   This officer here was an Angel sent from Heaven and I prayed for this officer to have many blessings to come.   This is a child that doesn’t yet understand why this is all happening so, it broke his little heart.  But to get a hug from an officer that is not of his culture was a beautiful thing showing the world that officers are human and not all of them are racist.  You can’t go to Heaven being a racist anyway.  If God told you to go see about Jane or John Doe and you felt that you couldn’t because they are not of your liking then, what good would you be in heave.  And with all of these mix cultures which is a beautiful thing.  We need to just say to ourselves that we can all learn from others.   This would be a boring world if we didn’t have the many different flavors in this world that we do have.   God never ever makes a mistake.  God is the one that had the last saying of what this child was going to look like before they were born into this world.  Sooooooo who are we to get mad at them because they were born looking different then, us.   Do you honestly think that person understands why you choose to treat them a different way because of their skin color.   I have to say this but I have always said in the little voice that I have.  It is not my fault that I don’t look like you.  I didn’t choose my culture.   God did and I know God never makes a mistake so, I am going to enjoy my culture that I am from and be all I can be.   I am not looking for excuses to change my hair or color of my skin.  I am going to have to be excepted by you as I am.  So I always ask God to send me an Angel.  Because if you judge anyone because of how they look.  Then you should be ashamed of yourself.  It is not as if I came out of my mom womb and decided.  mmmmm I think I will paint my skin Black.  Some African-Americans  Blacks wish they were not born African-American Black people because of all the hatred that is toward them at one time.  Or even worse felt like mmmmm what would it be like if I was just any other color then, African American Black lady or man.   I wished that once upon a time.  I was treated unfairly but I prayed over it and smiled and remember that.  Hey!!!!  That person that just discriminated against me will not be able to go to Heaven because they crossed the ultimate line of playing the race card against me.  So I never ever want to be like anyone else other than myself and just happy of the culture that God chose me to be.   I feel like man will just have to deal with it and if not they will not be part of my circle.   My circle is for ANGELS only.   STay Blessed and thanks for reading my post to all my fans out there.  I c U. 🙂   *****Dj Smooth 🙂


About djsmooth14

I am a writer and talented Dj. I enjoy writing poetry and screen plays. I am an Actress in movies and television shows. My latest movie that I am so proud to be in is the Whitney Houston movie. :) I also do voice-over work in which I do at 88.5 FM KSBR Jazz and now I am so excited to also have my Real Estate Broker License. :)
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