When we get sick we turn into lifeless little babies without a care in this world.  We lay there lifeless hoping someone would help us.  Our bodies have shut down so, all we can do is cry from within hoping we get some help.   God has allowed our eyes to close and our mouths to shut to let man know there is something seriously wrong with us.   I didn’t watch the video for a long time because I knew I would break down and cry.   I love everyone no matter what color they are and no matter what life they live.   I just watched this video of a lifeless man laying on the ground and his pulse was either weak or wasn’t there at all.  But yet they role this man over and over again seeing that his cries have stopped and he is no longer able to speak.   If that was me and I made a mistake and put a chokehold on someone or did it on purpose and they lost air.  I would have immediately removed the handcuffs and turned the victim over.  For now he has went from being someone of a concern to me and now I see him as a helpless patient before me.  I would give him mouth to mouth.  I will try to get him some air in his lungs because he is not capable of breathing in and out on his own.   I just watched God Angel slowly die in front of me.  There was no doubt in my mind that this man died a slowly death like Jesus Christ did on the cross.   The paramedics came and pretend to talk to him knowing that he had no movement for over 5 minutes now.   A report was given to the 911 paramedics before they arrived.  Each officer I believe now but I could be wrong can give CPR and was trained to but none did.  If that was Jesus Christ himself would you have helped to revive him or would you just roll the man as if no cares in the world and hope that he dies.   Or was he already dead.   My heart cries out to all the world today because I say to myself what would Jesus do if he was there.   I know that he would have tried to heal the sick and raise the dead.   Wow!  It finally occurred to me that even with me here on this earth there is nothing I can do to protect my sons, brothers or father.   I am now in trouble and have deep concern for my culture.   Or any culture that dares to cross the line of the law.  There will be no arrest and court because I will be found guilty and punished immediately .  The sad thing about this is there are some great, beautiful and caring cops in this world.  I had a family member that was one.   All cops are not the same but you do have some cops that become cops because they want to inflict harm on others and possibly kill others if they come in their path.   My question is how do we separate the bad cops from the good cops.   Every time a life or health is affected by a police officer I feel that they should be suspended without pay and it should be investigated to the fullest before action is taken.   If the cop is to have been found neglect and guilty then, that officer should no longer be allowed to wear a badge.  “SERVE AND PROTECT” Was not there.   We all have a job where we work for a company and some employees are not ethical as others should be.  They do things that affect the company that they work for.  Where this is what happened this time.   The officer bully his way through with the support of other cops and took a man down to the ground and didn’t let him back up.  The man had to be carried to the ambulance dead.   I remember a time when they would capture someone “DEAD OR ALIVE”  This to me is a concern.  How can I sleep tonight knowing that my sons, uncle, brother or father can be next.   The message I received after the trial is even tho you have your rights they are no good when it comes to the police.   They have the right to treat you anyway they want and even if you pass on and you have a video the police will never worry about being convicted.   They are protected by the courts.   So CASE CLOSED.  Until we get the officer psychological help and find out and screen present and future police officer then, this will always happen to others.   MY ? is 2 U r SUM of THE POLICE OFFICERS RACIST TOWARD EACH OTHER IN THE WORK FORCE?   IF THERE IS RACIAL TENSION IN THE WORK FORCE AMOUNG POLICE OFFICERS THEN, THERE WILL BE TENSION ON THE STREETS BECAUSE OFFICERS WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE OPPORTUNITY OF AFFLICTING PAIN ON INNOCENT OTHERS THAT ARE ON THE STREET AND HAPPENED TO RUN INTO A PERSON THAT IS RACIST AND HAPPENED TO WORK FOR THE POLICE DEPARTMENT.  SO IF WE GET RID OF THE RACIAL TENSION WITHIN THE POLICE DEPARTMENT THAT WE MIGHT HAVE THROUGHOUT THE USA THEN WE WILL BE ABLE TO CUT BACK ON SOME OF THE POLICE OFFICERS THAT ARE NOT ONLY RACIST TOWARD OTHER EMPLOYEES BUT TO THE PUBLIC ON THE STREET.   I don’t know if this is the case but I assume that a person that is racist can be discover among his work peers because he is bond to say or do something that will bring that to everyone attention.  So all we can do is PRAY. Don’t get violence because two wrongs don’t make it RIGHT.  Pray over it and allow God to fight our battles for us.  God will deal with each and everyone in his own time when it comes to harming his Angels.   But we can all get together and ask the POLICE Stations throughout the USA to have officers have evaluations of their mental state of mind and find out are they capable of working for a Police Department in the best interest of the people.   The next victim at the hands of the Police Department could be me or you.  The clock is ticking.   The police just sent a message to us that it is okay to chock hold and watch someone slowly die without trying to revive them.  It is okay to go to court and not get a conviction.   I am scared for my brothers, nephew, father, sons etc., etc., etc., How much more have to die before we open our eyes.   God help us all.   My family was a police officer and the most loving and kind person in the world.  But some officers that are on the POLICE FORCE.  R DEADLY!!!  Please Police let us work together to get rid of this racial tension.  It could be your son, nephew, father next.   CASE CLOSED 😦   


About djsmooth14

I am a writer and talented Dj. I enjoy writing poetry and screen plays. I am an Actress in movies and television shows. My latest movie that I am so proud to be in is the Whitney Houston movie. :) I also do voice-over work in which I do at 88.5 FM KSBR Jazz and now I am so excited to also have my Real Estate Broker License. :)
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