“WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER”  BY MARVIN GAYE  No I do not hate police officers.   I have family that was a police officer and I have friends. So I know for a fact all police officers are not out their trying to hurt me.  Some police officers actually became police officers to serve and protect.   I have been stopped by police officers before and sometimes it was because my car resembled a car that they were looking for or just curious and wanted to ask me some questions to make sure I am not driving under any influence.   But I am okay with that.   When they do approach me I immediately turn on my inside of my car light so the officers has a clear view of who is in my car.   I then wait to the officers slowly approach my car and then I say Hello Officer how are you doing and what can I do for you today.  They immediately ask for license and insurance.  And I give it to them.   One time I left my purse at my son dorm and couldn’t find it and was looking all over for it and the police patiently waited till I looked for it.  But I never give a police any indication that I am upset that he stopped me or that I was doing something wrong.   If I did then, they will tell me and I would say I agree that is probably true but I was unaware that my turning signals had stopped working but I did turn it on and I looked the officer right in the eyes when I told him.  He looked me back in my eyes and can see I was telling the truth so, he gave me a warning ticket to get it fixed which was $2.00.   So I just can’t live without police officers so, I hope that all the demonstrations that we are having are peaceful.   What I would do is write to the Police Departments throughout the United States and ask them about getting some officers psychological testing to see if some of them are sane enough to SERVE AND PROTECT.   Sometimes I questions the mental side of an officer that would choke hold a person and not try to stop what they are doing and try to help that person.    Now all this that is going on is still not a solution to the problem the protesting and riots against the police officers.   We are bringing harm to your brothers, sisters, uncles, friends, fathers and etc., etc., etc.,  that are really not our enemy.   We need to adjust our anger and try to put on our business suit and come together and work on the present system that we do have.   What we need to really do is ask for psychological testing of all Police Officers and find out what is really going on in their head.   How do they feel about different people that they come in contact with.   I just don’t think the protesting is going to work.   You can protest, riot and go to jail all day long.   All you get is a record in which is not good for your employment file.  Plus what did you accomplish by doing that.   Call city meetings together and have the Police Department, Mayor and City come together and write down your concerns.   Most officers don’t don’t know me and you and don’t understand the pain that we really feel and the fear we have regarding our children that leave our home in hopes they come back safely.   We have to find out who has a problem dealing with the public.  What officers that are known to discriminate against others because of the color of their skin.   That is what this song is all about being treated differently.   We all need the police because they protect us.   So think about it why should we let some officers that have violated our trust place the rest of the officers that have not ever did anything wrong.  Its like if I was an officer I would be wearing a sign.  Hey!  I am a good person and I feel the same way you feel about the decision.  Have we gave the officers a chance to defend themselves that is nothing like the officer that took Mr. Garner down and took his life away.   God doesn’t forget anything.   That officer will have to answer to regarding taking an Angel that God had created life away.   What we need to do is come together as a team and form a organization that we can get some good officers in and take the ones that are ?  out.   We have a great deal of work to do.   We want to make sure that our cries of pain and suffering are heard.  You can wear T-shirts all day long and lay on the ground. The officers are still there hiding behind that badge that will take me and you out if they want to and no matter what video tape you see.  The end result will be not guilty.    So let us all get to the meat of the problem and handle this in a business way to have these meeting with the city to let them know we live here and don’t want to see our children, friends and family hurt anymore.   Very scary to know that some people were bullies in school and now have a badge to be a big bully and will take you and me out whenever they like.   The decision was made and now we have to get with attorneys to find out what can we do next.   The only way you going to get something solved is having meetings and letting the city know what will be tolerated and what will not be.   Some new ways of doing things have to change.   The old way is gone and not working.   We need to find a way to protect all of our future children and grandchildren that are yet to come in our lives.   And if we just keep laying down on the ground, rioting, wearing t-shirts.  It doesn’t do anything.   At the end of the day there is somewhere out there an officer saying to themselves give me any reason “TO MAKE MY DAY”   Please people don’t riot against others that have nothing to do with what the other officers are doing.   I know for a fact my family and friends that are police officers wouldn’t never ever take someone life with a choke hold.   And not give any mouth to mouth to keep that person alive until the medics come.  If you can’t breath then, we needed to bend down and breath for him.   I just feel so sad I couldn’t have been there to BREATH some air back into his lungs until Mr. Garner got help.   I must pray now.   Just need some peace and need to resolve this division with Police Officers vs Public.   Lets get those officers off the street that don’t respect us.   God Bless.   Psalm 91


About djsmooth14

I am a writer and talented Dj. I enjoy writing poetry and screen plays. I am an Actress in movies and television shows. My latest movie that I am so proud to be in is the Whitney Houston movie. :) I also do voice-over work in which I do at 88.5 FM KSBR Jazz and now I am so excited to also have my Real Estate Broker License. :)
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