JORDAN RETRO II ***********WHERE R THE SIZE 15 @************************NO SIZE 15 OH! I know WHAT I going 2 DO!

Wow!   Is it me but my sons wear a size 15 , size 13 and a size 20.   We can never find any decent pair of shoes for them.   It is all about the Basketball shoes.   The shoes are made to last a Baller and Shot Caller.   I know all of you out there say why pay that much for some Tennis Shoes.   Well when you are a Basketball player you really need two pair.  Because most Basketball players play BALL at least seven days a week if they can.  And they will find a place.   HEALTH CLUBS!  Outside!  ETC., ETC.,   So you need a good shoe.   As a mother my sons grew up on cheaper shoes but they never last.   So it is sad that the year 2014 that most Designers don’t design shoes for the young men today that are taller from when the time I grew up.   My sons are trees and they need good shoes.   I want to design a page for just the Tall men like the suits are made for Tall men.   This is crazy when they can’t find good supportive shoes to wear.   Like the Lebron James shoes that I purchased for my son.   Which was worth every penny.   The ankle in that shoe was just CRAZY supportive.  Kept my son from twisting his ankle with the HARD side to keep that ANKLE from twisting so fast.   YES!  It is true that if that Ankle is not supported with a surrounding that is hard around the ankle then, you can easy twist that ankle.  Wow!  Can you feel me on this 1.   We need larger sizes you Distributors of these shoes.   Don’t just order 1 size 15 to be made or 1 size 20.   Do your MARKETING.  Find out how many large sizes are out there.   So if you wear a size 13 or LARGER then please add a comment on my page or if you know someone that wears a larger size 13 or more make a comment.   I feel like am I the only one that has Tall sons that are 6″6 and 6″9 that need tall good shoes.  Heck!!!  I was wearing Michael Jordan shoes when they came out when Michael Jordan was balling with the Bulls.   I had to because the Ladies basketball shoes were just starting off with weak azz ankles that didn’t support my ankle when I was running or playing basketball.   I didn’t want to twist my ankle and they are still to this day I will wear only Men Basketball shoes because the wear and tear that the Jordans take is crazy and they fit like a snug in a rug.  I feel so good Jumping rope or playing basket Ball.  So help me out here.   Please let get some shoes made in larger sizes and have more then the few you have out there on the Market.    We have children that enjoy balling and enjoy the support that it gives the ankles.   My son has to wrap his ankles each time he plays ball.   I have to pray that he doesn’t twist it.  He has broken and twist his ankle so, many times that I have lost count so, if you provide us with the shoes are kids can wear then, most parents know to buy the best will cost you but if it is going to save us on a HOSPITAL BILL.  Then we are all for it.   Wow!  Is it me.   Don’t let me get started.  I better go now.  JUST 2 Through.  Michael Jordan I know you personally and you are a great person and loved your game back in the Day.  I am just SAYN  if your peeps are going to put out some shoes then, make it FAIR across the BOARD.  More SIZES PLEASE.  LET US all Pray.!!!  Have 2.   God knows my heart what about yours.  Stay Blessed and thanks 4 READING.  really!!!!!  Wow!  by Dj Smooth 🙂 zoom


About djsmooth14

I am a writer and talented Dj. I enjoy writing poetry and screen plays. I am an Actress in movies and television shows. My latest movie that I am so proud to be in is the Whitney Houston movie. :) I also do voice-over work in which I do at 88.5 FM KSBR Jazz and now I am so excited to also have my Real Estate Broker License. :)
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