******PLEASE DON’T SHOOT OR HARM THOSE OFFICERS OUT THERE.  THEY ARE MY SISTERS, BROTHERS, UNCLES, FATHERS, MOTHERS, FRIENDS, ETC., ETC., VIOLENCE IS NOT THE ANSWER!!!!!!    ****Yes my sister being a police officer is the love of my life.  She served and protected until she became injured.   She had nothing to do with that choke hold.    If she were there then, that wouldn’t have happen on her shift.   Just because we have some police officers that seem to have a ? next to their name are on the Force doesn’t mean that they are all like that.  “They took one of ours so lets take one of theirs. ”   We must pray today.   God help us all.    First of all the majority of the police officers for the past years have served and protected us from harm.    So now we have the ones that feel that they have to take someone life in order to pay for the life that was taken.   This is not the way.   Those two officers died for what?   Go and shoot and kill an Officer that had nothing to do with the crime.   We need to work together and find a way to deal with this serious problem.   I have some police officers that are my friends and would give you the shirt off their back and go above and beyond to protect.   If for some reason you woke up one morning and you didn’t have any police to protect you. I guarantee someone would be in your home taking your things out and there would be nothing that you could do. We have to get together and place on our business suit or best suit and come up with a solution to having some police that takes a life that just doesn’t seem justified.   We need answers. We also need to work together for the better of human kind.   Now you have officers that can’t just be there for you to protect you because of the fear of being killed at any given notice.   That is not the way we should behave.   We are better than that.   God has blessed us with a brain to think with what we can do to find a way to communicate the pain and frustration that someone feels.   We need more psychological testing of some of the officers that would even go about giving any man a choke hold that would kill you or me and not hear our cries out when; we are feeling great pain from their hands.   Also the fact that they didn’t do CPR or acknowledge that a man that has passed out is no longer considered at risk to us but that we should administered medical assistant to them.   I didn’t see any of those officers step in to administered any CRP or medical help.   But we must have that looked into and investigated and write letters and have many meetings to have our questions answered and have them look into ways to find out not only what our state of mind is these days but the Officers that our assigned in each city around the United States on the best way to address this major problem that is a big issue with us all.   Killing is not the answer. You are now hurting someone else family that had nothing to do with that choke hold.   There are no African American Black Leaders that you need to turn to for support or answers.   We are all born LEADERS that God has created us to stand our ground and speak up for ourselves. You don’t have to have a Master Degree to go above and beyond and sit down to fix this issue.   You have the power to make a change if we stick together as a team and do it the business way and not the cowardly way.   Shooting an innocent officer that had nothing to do with your pain and suffering.   What would Jesus do?   I always ask myself that question before I go into any situation.   Jesus was a teacher that sat with thousands of people preaching the gospel in a calm way.   You have to look deep inside yourself mentally and say this is not the way to do things. Getting angry, fighting, yelling and screaming is what you see the terrible twos and three year old toddlers do.   Not us because we are better than that.   We know how to handle the business at hand.   Don’t rely on anyone that you think is going to be there for you to handle your problem you have with the police when you can do it yourself.   You are your own leader and contact the City Hall and let them know we don’t want to protest but we want to have a meeting to get to know the Police and what we can do to work together so, that if there are some Police officers that don’t believe in following rules and regulations or go out there way to be a Bully behind a badge then you don’t want them working for your local police station.   Get them the ones that shouldn’t serve and protect off the Police Force.   Don’t be a follower.   Be a Leader and lead yourself to finding the answers to solve this major problem with the public and the police.   I tell you my sister was never out to harm you or me.   All she wanted to do was serve and protect you and now you want to kill her because of something someone else did.   Please don’t take it out on someone that you don’t know or better yet had anything to do with it.   We are better than that.   If you can’t deal with it mentally to tell the Police Department in your local area if they have any Doctors that can come in at the meetings so, you can tell them how mentally this has taken a hold of your mind and body of the fear of being stopped by any Police Officer and how you fear them each day that you or your family walk out that door. Not knowing if they will be coming home.   You know when someone dies at school or work in a horrible way they provide you with mental help. But when this major news and video came out with someone getting a chokehold placed on them they, forgot the biggest and most important thing to do and that was to provide mental help to us all to help to understand why this could happen to this person that was helpless on the ground slowly leaving this world instead of getting medical help to save his life.   So I am through with this. How I did with that when I seen the video.   I cried out to God and was filled with great pain and sadness.   I didn’t even know the man and felt the love and pain that I had for him seeing him helpless on the cold hard concrete not getting any love or support for his health condition.   He became the victim then. But I prayed to God to help those that trespass against us.   God has to deal with them all that didn’t help this man but watched him die.   That is how I deal with it.   But I also know how to approach my local police and tell them that we have a problem and I need to know If you are willing to meet with me to try to help us all work together and also if you can have some programs that can help me and us all to deal with the mental affect it has had on me and us all.   The pain sometimes can be so harsh that we can’t sometimes separate the pain from anger.   I can I am not anger but sad that the family is without a Husband, Father, Grandfather, etc., etc., etc., and the police officer that has to live with the rest of his life of killing someone that didn’t deserve to die and taking that man from his family.   So I don’t expect everyone that reads this to agree with me but this is what I feel that this video affected so many people on the mental side which resulted to anger and; this needs to be address also on the mental side. So please let us all be LEADERS and not followers.   Let us take a minute to pray for the Police Officers that just lost their lives and the one that took their life. Find a way to make a way to resolve this big issue.   You don’t need a leader if you are a believer and know that you can also lead yourself to victory.   Never depend on someone else to handle your business. Do it yourself so, it will get done right.   ****MY HEART GOES OUT TO THE FAMILIES THAT LOST SOME GREAT MEN THAT WORKED ON THE POLICE DEPARTMENT THAT SERVED AND PROTECTED US. ****VIOLENCE IS NOT THE ANSWER.**** PLEASE LET US ALL WORK TOGETHER. WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?   Stay blessed my readers.   By Dj Smooth J)


About djsmooth14

I am a writer and talented Dj. I enjoy writing poetry and screen plays. I am an Actress in movies and television shows. My latest movie that I am so proud to be in is the Whitney Houston movie. :) I also do voice-over work in which I do at 88.5 FM KSBR Jazz and now I am so excited to also have my Real Estate Broker License. :)
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