Wow!   I want to see this movie.   Just to know what happened back in 1965.   I am not against white people because not all white people are racist.   My concern is the History classes that my child was taking or yours to in the future to come.  I remember my daughter coming home and telling me how she seen the previews of Roots and Didn’t want to see the movie because of the pain she felt in seeing African Americans get hit, beat up and raped by the White man.  So I contacted the school and told the school to not allow my daughter to watch this movie for History class.   I am glad I did that because 99% of her class after watching that move became racist after that toward all the African American Black young men and women.   My daughter said at that time the young girls that she felt close to and spent the night at their home slumber parties no longer wanted to be her friend.   It was a sad day.   That movie should never be shown if it is going to change people way of treating others.  I remember once when my kids were going to kindergarten and I was a volunteer.  That was learning experience that I had with Gods little angels.   I was so surprised to see them all love and play together.   They were so cute.  I only believe that racism is taught or seen.  And I don’t have any problem with watching this movie “SELMA ALABAMA 1965”  But we need to all just try to never forget what happened but let us try to find a way to teach our children about history but not to the point that it will cause them to see us as lower class then them.  That is what a child see when they see the Roots movie.  I feel it promotes racism because once that class seen the movie their respect for the African American Black man and woman was no more.   My daughter lost all kinds of friends and was so lonely and hurt by that movie being seen and what difference it made in her friends.   My son was also a victim and was now being called the N word which promoted fights in the school.  The African American Black Children that seen that movie in Middle School were now divided among the whites.  My grandfather was white and my mom was half white and half African American Black woman and I have love for both of them.  So there is a mental confusion going on in both cultures.  How do we develop a History program that is taught in the American schools that will allow us all to try to get along with each other.  Learn to love each other.   You can’t get to heaven having hate in your heart.   God has zero tolerance for racism.   I have so many different cultures that I have as friends and I never ever have a dull moment with being around them.  I love them dearly and wouldn’t  have it no other way.   So I hope and pray that we can all find a way to be there for each otherr and take advantage of being around and learning from each other.    *** By Dj Smooth ***Common did a great job in the music but what do you expect.   Common is the ?   Congrats my friend.  God has truly Blessed you.   I also heard someone say on CNN live that Ms. Oprah Winfrey acting skills are okay.   Don’t want to mention any names because he doesn’t deserve the glory.  Not trying to advertise for him.  🙂  He is just not that educated to not recognize talent when you see it.  He is an okay reporter but doesn’t like to listen and let anyone else speak.  So he has a great deal to learn.  Maybe he is new on the job and just hasn’t had the training or education of how to deliver on CNN when it comes to speaking in an debate and letting everyone else speak.  I believe that Ms. Oprah Winfrey is very talented when it comes to anything that she touches.   God has truly Blessed this Angel.  I just wish I seen her more in movies. 🙂  So maybe this new “SELMA ALABAMA 1965” is a great movie to watch for Rev. Martin Luther King celebration.   But I feel these two movies have no place in History class.   I believe that these movies affect our “Young And Restless”  in believing that if you are white you were always right.   Do a movie on how wrong this was and how it destroyed so many lives.   And how racism still is alive and strong and so many of our African American men and woman are either going to jail right now as I write this or being shot down in the streets.   And graduating and going off to college for our future young and talented African American Children is the impossible.  The only way out that they see in this life is dealing with selling drugs instead of being taught how to sell Stocks and Bonds.  Becoming Teachers, Lawyers, Doctors, etc., etc., etc., or the next African American Black President.   We have to save our young before it is to late.  “WAKE UP” I Once heard that in a Spike Lee movie and never thought that would be such a powerful statement.   We are all sleeping or denying what is really taking place because we don’t want to get involved but think about your brother your sister, mother, father or even you that will one time or another no matter what culture you are will experience racism.  And for what.  You had nothing to do with what happen in the past but let us all work together to work for the future of USA a land of the FREE and BRAVE.   God Bless and help us all.  Psalm 91.


About djsmooth14

I am a writer and talented Dj. I enjoy writing poetry and screen plays. I am an Actress in movies and television shows. My latest movie that I am so proud to be in is the Whitney Houston movie. :) I also do voice-over work in which I do at 88.5 FM KSBR Jazz and now I am so excited to also have my Real Estate Broker License. :)
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