Should Amber Rose get full custody if Wiz Khalifa son? Nooooo!

This is why:

I know wiz to be a fine gentleman that deserves to be part of his son life. It take two to make a baby:) I am surprise that Amber didn’t reach out to Wiz family to help her if she was having a problem with her baby hair. Heck! I would have helped her. 🙂 Now she goes against Wiz and has all that baby hair cut off 😦 She so far mentally gone that she is now using the child to get back at Wiz. Who at first instigated the relationship. Amber did knowing that Wiz was wayyyyy to young and just getting out there and lived to date women. So here Amber comes along and has more experience in how to manipulate a Black man. So my thing is Love or no Love. You should never ever want to stay in an unhealthy relationship. What did she expect when she had pictures of her kissing another women. That is consider adultery also. Bold was that Amber. Let’s pray for them both that they just move on and both have a part in what’s best for their son:) Psalm 91


About djsmooth14

I am a writer and talented Dj. I enjoy writing poetry and screen plays. I am an Actress in movies and television shows. My latest movie that I am so proud to be in is the Whitney Houston movie. :) I also do voice-over work in which I do at 88.5 FM KSBR Jazz and now I am so excited to also have my Real Estate Broker License. :)
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