“UCI student pitched the idea to remove all USA flags from the student center” Yes! A student that hasn’t even graduated from college yet.  That clearly tells you that student really needs to stay in school. When I see the USA flags I almost shed tears knowing how much and how hard our country fought for you and my FREEDOM.  That Flag means so much to the USA Military to show our respect for the sacrifice that they made so that you and I could go to college and be what or whomever we wish to become.  I tend to thinK that student has some hidden agendas to even pitch an idea.  They didn’t say any name or should I say names.  I want to bring that student a History book and tell him to read it over again.  You can remove the USA Flag in the privacy of your home and hate on the Flag but don’t DARE take away what my Father, Mother, Sister, Child died for.  That Flag represent what the USA a stands for and that is zero tolerance when it comes to our country. ZERO Tolerance. How far will we go to protect our future of this COUNTRY. USA is here to stay and not be moved or ALTER in any way. So leave them Flags up there to remind anyone that when they step foot on USA soil they better know we battled long and hard for this country and our FLAGS are not going anywhere. UCI really! There should have not been a vote. You should have told that student you might as well get that crazy idea out your head.  Trying to erase our past. NO WAY! Out of respect for every Military personal I salute you each and every time I see that Flag and it never ever lets me forget how far we have come and where we are today. Also when I see that Flag it never lets me forget our service men that our gone right now watching over us as we sleep at night.  Without them we would all have to stand watch over our love ones as they sleep.  We always have to keep one EYE open when it comes to Protecting the United Sates Of America.  I want to see the student that gave that idea. Just because I know that will answer my question is to why he doesn’t respect our USA military.  Please leave me a comment if you know who this student is  so, I can always have someone watching my back when that person is around. Wow!  God help us all:). 

So even if they want to remove all the Flags. They can but leave that one Flag which is the USA Flage that Battle their Asset off just so there would be a UCI Irvine to go to. Those other countries have their flags hanging up there out of respect for the different countries but that USA Flag has a very important meaning for all of us that had and have families in the military. Case Closed. 

Below is the YouTube video of KTLA5 news report on UCI


KTLA 5 Video UCI


Thank you Sen Nguyen & KTLA @Djsmooth14: UCI IRVINE! http://t.co/M2Y7uUcPkJ via @Djsmooth14


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